Movie Themed Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 2013

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Make this Halloween fun with creative pumpkin carving ideas!

Movie Themed Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 2013

Show off your fall spirit with some creative pumpkins this Halloween season. A great time of the year to get outside and enjoy the weather, go to your favorite local pumpkin patch and get the friends and family together for a day of fun. If you ever have trouble coming up with creative ideas for pumpkin carvings, or you just want to try something new, check out our list of movie themed pumpkin carving ideas for 2013.






The “minions” from the Despicable Me movie

Despicable Me Pumpkins

Create some of your favorite animated crime fighting characters out of pumpkins this year. Despicable Me was a huge hit at the box office and is a fun movie themed pumpkin carving idea for 2013. Get  creative and design the whole minion costume. Old unwanted blue jeans can make perfect overalls,  threaded lids from the tops of canning jars and electrical tape can make goggles, and little strains of hair can be yarn.


Sully pumpkin carving





Monsters University Pumpkins

Monsters Inc was a huge box office hit when it first came out, and the new Monsters University movie followed right in its footsteps. Sullivan and Mike are fun and easy characters to carve pumpkins out of that people of all ages will recognize. If you are not so good with freehand drawing, a great tip is just to surf the internet until you find a picture of one of your favorite characters online, print it off and tape it to your pumpkin. Then just poke out the outline with a thumbtack and connect the dots with a pumpkin carving knife.

The Smurfs 2

Another great movie themed pumpkin carving idea for 2013 would be to carve or paint the characters from the Smurfs 2 movie. We say “or paint” because we know some people like to try and keep the mess to a minimum, plus seeing a blue pumpkin is really unique. The same pattern idea as the Monsters pumpkins can be used, or if you choose to go the painting route, we suggest carbon paper. Easy to get, carbon transfer paper is an easy way to trace a picture and transfer an image to a pumpkin. Carbon paper can be found at most local craft stores and is pretty inexpensive.

Carbon Paper Right in Calumet City! Look here. United Art and Education: Carbon Paper


Paint the whole family of Smurfs!

Having trouble finding that perfect pumpkin, or would  you just like to get outside more this fall before winter? Check out our list of top three pumpkin patches near Chicago, IL.



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